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"Since our beginnings in 1968, we've evolved from tri-hull designs with basic features to the accelerated standards and performance of today's
tournament-driven powerhouses."
Witness the
extraordinary attention
to detail and obsession
for quality that
makes each Ranger
a legend.

Hosted by Ranger President, Randy Hopper.

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It's a legacy of leadership that translates into the ultimate total performance standards.

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Our commitment
to the highest owner satisfaction starts long before a boat is built.

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It takes a strong start to make this kind of finish.

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Our innovative use of exclusive materials and processes continues to
set Ranger apart.

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Attention to detail
makes all the difference.

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No matter how you slice it, no other boat is
built like Ranger.

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Our commitment to excellence is what pushes us to build the highest quality, strongest performing boats
on the water.

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Hook up with the strongest support for your dream rig.

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Whether it's the smooth ride from our patented hulls... the peace of mind from our upright, level flotation... the strength of our patented fiberglass transoms and fiberglass stringers...the added efficiency of a Ranger livewell system, or even the way every part fits together like a solid, one-piece design... we never stop innovating.
"We're always listening, learning, refining, and perfecting. Around here,
we call it Signature Quality."

It's a personal commitment to excellence from each of us to every Ranger owner. After all, we're on the water day in and day out. We know how unpredictable things can get.
And we also know the importance of trust. The need to know your rig wasn't built on clever ad hype, but on the never-ending lessons of real experience.

Like the lessons we've learned in the frigid, hammering waters of the Great Lakes or the challenging winds of Mead and Okeechobee. Even the sharpened stump beds of Rayburn, Toledo Bend, and Lake Fork have taken their best shots at us.

At Ranger, we've spent more than four decades going one on one with the outdoors and the unforgiving element of time.
Through it all, we've listened closely, done our homework, and built a level of quality, innovation, and total performance that has no peers.

"From Albemarle Sound on the East coast to Shasta Lake out West, we've been pushed, slammed, hit, rocked, and soaked."

The Ranger Standard. From resale to reputation, We Still Build ‘Em One At A Time So You Can Fish Hard, Run Strong, And Rest Easy.

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